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What is Indoor Cycling?

What is Indoor Cycling?First and foremost indoor cycling is a great way to get fit and to stay in shape. An indoor cycle enables you to enjoy cycling in the comfort of your own home or in a group environment at the gym. Indoor cycling isn't for the faint-hearted - it's a tough workout but you'll get fit quickly and build up a good level of stamina.

You get all of the fitness benefits and cardio exercise that you would on a normal outdoor cycle, but without getting wet, cold and without the danger of traffic.

An indoor cycle is designed to be static, with the pedals connected to the wheel (flywheel) so that when you pedal the flywheel turns giving the effect of normal cycling, but unlike normal road cycling you don't move. You can change the resistance of the flywheel to simulate climbing hills for example.

Most indoor cycles are fixed wheel meaning that the pedals will continues to move after you've stopped pedalling (because the flywheel is connected to the pedals). This is different than a road bike which will normally free wheel when you stop pedalling.

What's the Difference Between a Spinning Bike and an Indoor Cycle?
The simple answer is Nothing! Spinning is essentially a brand name and Indoor Cycle is the term used to describe the type of bike. Spinner, Spinning Bike, Spin Bike, Indoor Cycle and Indoor Bike all mean the same thing.

What's the Difference between an Indoor Cycle and an Exercise Bike?
An indoor cycle is a specific type of exercise bike. With a traditional upright exercise bike you'll usually find that it free wheels like an outdoor bike, and will often have a range of programs that will control the resistance for you. Some of our indoor cycles also have these features but the main thing about an indoor cycle versus a traditional exercise bike is that an indoor cycle feels far more like an outdoor bike. It's this feel that encompasses your sitting position, riding position and your ability to work out to exactly the level that you want to that makes indoor cycles a distinct type of exercise bike. If you're looking for an exercise bike that will give you a great workout time after time then choose an indoor cycle.

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