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X-Kit Smart Training

X-Kit Smart Training
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Specification of the X-Kit Smart Training

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Connect your bike to your SmartPhone or Tablet
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Detailed Specification

Enables you to connect your SmartPhone or Tablet device to any bicycle trainer, bicycle exercise, indoor cycling bike or crosstrainer.

This is possible thanks to a device (sensor) with Bluetooth Smart integrated technology. Bluetooth Smart is a one-way sending information technology:
- The sensor, placed on the pedal, sends information about the cadence to the App.
- The user should change manually the suggested resistance by the App because the sensor does not recibe any information (as it is just an information emitter).
Heart rate control in your smarphone or tablet through Bluetooth heart rate monitor (not included)

Click on the Video tab for a demo of X-Kit

XKIT device (sensor)
- Dimensions: 72 mm(L) x 39 mm(W) x 12 mm(H)
- Sends and receive signals up to 10 feet
- Powered by replaceable CR2032 button cell battery
- Bluetooth Smart (4.0) technology
- Compatible with: iPad 3rd generation, iPad mini, iPhone 4S, iPod touch 5th generation and superiors
- Compatible Apps: BH by Kinomap, Cycle on Earth & Cycle Rush 2

SmartPhone or Tablet not included

Our Review of the X-Kit

Overall Impressions
What a great bit of kit this is - adds a completely new dimension to indoor cycle training.

If you're concerned that you'll find indoor cycling a chore then add the X-Kit to your bike and it will be a revelation. By downloading apps to your SmartPhone or Tablet you can cycle anywhere in the world - cycle past your own house; through the centre of Shanghai or along the coast in Australia. The choice is yours.

So what does the X-Kit do?
It connects your indoor cycle to your SmartPhone or Tablet and then, by downloading apps, you can choose how you train. Essentially you're using the apps on your device as a console.

What are the apps?
We've only tried one of the apps so far - Cycle on Earth. With this app you pick a route anywhere in the world and the app uses Google Maps to show you where you are as you cycle. It's also collecting information about how far and how fast you're cycling so it's not just a gimmick; it's a great way of improving and tracking your fitness whilst maintaining a high level of interest whilst you're cycling.

Is it easy to set up?
Incredibly simple, even for those of use who aren't gadget minded:
1) Download your preferred app to your SmartDevice
2) Strap the transmitter to one of your pedals
3) Choose your route (Cycle on Earth app) on your device
4) Press Start on the app
5) You'll be prompted to connect to the transmitter via BlueTooth - press the button on the side of the transmitter to connect
6) Start pedalling and then prepare to be wowed by how your training will be transformed

Using the FitKase to keep your device visible
FitKase is an optional extra - it can be strapped to the handlebars of your bike and your smart device fits inside. We found it really fiddly to attach the straps firmly to the bike and it does then restrict where you can place your hands when cycling. That said, it does the job that it needs to to.

Anything else to add?
You need to ensure that your device is compatable with the transmitter - it needs to have BlueTooth V4.0 or above enabled. Further details are listed on the Questions section of this product.

Overall - a fantastic bit of kit.

Do you have a question about the X-Kit Smart Training?

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X-Kit Questions
Q. What does the X-Kit do?
A. It allows you to connect your cycle to your SmartPhone or Tablet. You can then download a series of apps that will enhance your training - in effect X-Kit allows you to use your SmartPhone or Tablet as a console for your cycle. Clever stuff!!

Q. Is X-Kit easy to fit to my bike?
A. Yes. You simply strap a small transmitter to one of your pedals and then connect via BlueTooth to your SmartPhone or Tablet (full instructions are supplied).

Q. Will it work with my bike?
A. Yes - it works with all bikes

Q. I've got a bike that you don't sell - will it still work?
A. Yes - it works with all bikes

Q. Will it work with my SmartPhone or Tablet
A. Yes, provided that your SmartPhone or Tablet has BlueTooth V4.0 or above

Q. Where do I put my SmartPhone/Tablet when I'm cycling?
A. We have an optional extra which is the FitKase - you put your SmartPhone/Tablet into it and strap it to your handlebars.

Q. Is there any more information available?
A. Yes - take a look at the manufacturers website. This will provide more details about the apps and compatability.
Find out more about X-Kit from the manufacturer

Here are the customer reviews of the X-Kit Smart Training

Customer Reviews

  Great add on to indoor cycle  To see our full review, click on the Reviews tab. In summary though, this is a fantastic bit of kit to supplement training on your indoor cycle.  (27/06/2014) Indoor Cycles -

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